Midwife means “with woman.”

At Back Cove midwives we strive to provide a comfortable, intimate, and caring atmosphere where you can ask questions and feel honored for who you are. Our services include annual exams, birth control counseling, preconception counseling, care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, and care throughout menopause.

We believe in a model of informed consent: we provide you with information to make the decisions that best suit your body, yourself, and your family.

We are available to meet with you an any time to help you decide whether midwifery care is the right choice for you, and if we can meet your healthcare needs. Please feel free to call and schedule a Meet and Greet visit at your convenience.

Ellie Grillo, Jen Gilbert, and Elsa Heros are the Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) who will see you for your visits. If you are pregnant, all of us will work with you during your pregnancy, and one of us will be lucky enough to have the honor of being with you at your birth.

back cove babies among the pumpkins