“Birthing with BCM was an amazing experience. From Group to Mercy everything was better than I could have dreamed.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Jen and the rest of the team.”

— Jen, Eric, Kieran, & Cormack

We attend births at the Birthplace at Mercy Fore River. Mercy developed the Birthplace in 1984 as a maternity unit where women labor, give birth and recover all in the same room. At the Birthplace you will receive one-on-one nursing care while you are in labor. The Birthplace nurses believe wholeheartedly in the birth process and will provide you with a great deal of support and encouragement throughout your stay.

One of the midwives will be with you in the hospital throughout your active labor. We will offer suggestions to help you work through your labor. There is a tub in every room at the Birthplace, and many women choose to labor and give birth in one of these tubs. Please ask us about having a water birth if this interests you.

mom and babyIf your baby is healthy and normal, we encourage you to “room-in”, meaning the baby will stay in your room with you during your postpartum stay. Mercy is equipped with a Level II nursery and a core pediatric team capable of caring for moderately unstable babies. Feel free to give them a call at 879-3578 to schedule a tour.