Hospital Packing List

Though probably not comprehensive, we have tried to put together a list of items you might need at the hospital. Click here to download and print the following packing list.

  • Labor wear (over-sized t-shirt or loose top and bottoms that can get messy – think ‘comfy’)
  • Comfy, loose clothing for the days after birth including nursing bras, tops etc…
  • Bathing suit or sports bra to wear in Jacuzzi if desired
  • Clothes for partner, including bathing suit or shorts to wear in tub or shower
  • ‘Going home’ outfit for your baby
  • Toiletries
  • Comfort items from home like pillow, blanket or focal point(s)
  • Music
  • For induction of labor: cards, magazines, laptop, kindle etc…
  • Eye glasses/case, contacts/products
  • UNSCENTED massage oil or lotion, lip balm
  • Sustaining snacks for partner including breath mints
  • Favorite snacks/drinks/popsicles for mom
  • Technology: phone, camera, video, ipod and chargers
  • Baby book for baby’s first footprints


If you are self-paying and trying to keep costs down, also consider bringing: Ibuprofen, large/overnight maxi pads, witch hazel pads (like Tucks), Bag Balm, Lansinoh ointment, breast pads, newborn diapers and wipes.

Happy Packing!!!