In Case of Emergency

Occasionally, problems arise in even the smoothest of pregnancies. Some may have “at home” remedies, while others are worth mentioning to the midwife immediately:

Contractions, or the hardening of your uterus, like the baby is balling up or like your body is “shrink-wrapping” over your baby. Some are normal, but more than four an hour may be worrisome if combined with a low unrelenting back pain, pelvic pressure, a heavy mucousy vaginal discharge, and/or intermittent low abdominal cramping. If this occurs before 37 weeks, your body may be trying to go into labor prematurely. Please drink 3 tall glasses of fluid, make sure your bladder is empty, then lie down on your left side. If these do not subside in 1 hour, call the midwife.

A change in your baby’s movements, especially if she is unusually quiet. Please drink a large glass of something sugary, like juice, then lie down on your left side and have someone talk to your tummy, or place a radio next to your belly. If you do not feel movement within a half hour, call the midwife.

If you experience any of the following, please call the office or the midwife on call:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea for more than 24 hours
  • Fever of more than 100.5 that does not go away within a few hours of taking acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • Painful urination, bad headaches, vision problems (seeing “flashes” or spots, double vision)
  • Any motor vehicle accident
  • A painful fall, especially if you hit your abdomen
  • Unusual environmental exposures (chemical, fumes, smoke from fires)
  • Human or animal bites
  • Bleeding onto your underwear or pad


Also, please call if you experience any of these things prior to 37 weeks:

  • Fluid or gushes from your vagina that don’t appear to be normal discharge or that don’t smell of urine
  • Constant pelvic pressure, especially if accompanied by the desire to push or bear down


If you call the office after regular office hours (Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:00, Friday 9:00-3:00) please be sure to speak to a real person, do not simply leave a message.

If you have not heard from the midwife within 15 minutes, please call the answering service again!